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The mission at Shemekka Ebony is to connect the threads that weave through communities to provide people ACCESS, honor EXPERIENCES, and institute BETTER PRACTICES for sustainable partnerships.

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Shemekka Ebony LLC works to:

  • Empower people with lived experience to share their stories and advocate for change.
  • Advance well-being and equity on a foundation of racial justice.
  • Celebrate and support Black women entrepreneurs.
  • Provide leadership development and engagement strategies that are informed by research, education, and the lived experience expertise of Shemekka Ebony Firm and institution partners.

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The best leadership coach and mentor. she has changed my life in so many ways and she has my highest recommendation.

I’m so thankful for you! i look forward to engaging with you on my renewal season journey.

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it is ALWAYS a pleasure to sit with you (Shemekka). I am EXtREMELY Proud and extremely blessed to be connected. you are an inspiriation to women everywhere.

working with shemekka has been a true joy. i feel uplifted, encouraged, and illuminated every time i attend leadership trainings.

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authencity is a value that makes a business attractive to me and here is that one place where you can trust you will get the promised value.

i recommend Shemekka to all lived Experience advocates who are trying to discover the big picture concering self.



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